Adding real value

At Keller Property Management we work harder and smarter than any other manager to ensure you receive all the benefits of truly personal service.

An expert manager with extensive experience

One of Melbourne's most experienced and knowledgeable property managers,

Zehra Keller is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with more than 20 years experience in the rental sector. The expertise and confidence this experience brings does more than add peace- of-mind. By maximising gains and minimising cost it adds real value to clients' bottom-line.

A diversity of experience bring a versatile approach

Zehra Keller's expertise is as deep as it is long. Committed to lifelong learning,

Zehra has made it her mission to understand every aspect of the real estate industry. She has a formidable knowledge of management systems, an intuitive understanding of tenants, thorough knowledge of legislation and a solid respect for documentation and accountability. This means Keller Property Management clients can trust her advice …and trust that actions will bring real rewards.

An individual approach and a broad network

Standing alone, but never isolated,

Zehra's personable approach and years in the industry have seen her gather a wide network of tenants, landlords, advisors, tradespeople and colleagues. Even our tenants recommend us to landlords!

Keller Property Management's strong relationships provide a 'complete package' of real estate services, including property appraisals, valuation and sales, in conjunction with one of the areas most respected selling agents.

Personal service with individual rewards

Keller Property Management is structured as a personal and dedicated service.

There are no under-experienced assistants, no out-sourced services and only one point of contact. We are your dedicated property consultant; offering a hands-on and on-call personally tailored service.

Widely experienced across a wide geographic area

Zehra's educated approach extends to the areas in which she operates. Dedicated to the south-eastern suburbs and actively committed to staying at the forefront of activity in the CBD.

Keller Property Management's clients benefit from this knowledge not just through accurate valuations and confident tenancy selection, but also through informed advice on everything from the cost of maintenance, to the value of their portfolio.

Communication that exceeds expectations

At Keller Property Management, we use the latest cloud based technology to ensure our clients can stay in touch at all times. Owners and tenants can log onto our portal and stay informed and updated. This means we have complete transparency and accountability, our clients always know where they stand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.