Working For You
At Keller Property Management it's not just your property that is our priority…it’s you too. We're here to make investment, easy, enjoyable and, above all, rewarding.

We establish a realistic & rewarding rental valuation

Expert rental valuations are made on the basis of the specific premises, the local market and the broad economic environment. But it's Zehra's two decades of experience that adds real value …allowing us to provide a service that guarantees a maximised return and a minimised vacancy time.


We advertise your property for lease

The rise of the internet has created a virtual level playing-field in property advertising. Internet search engines mean more targeted tenants see more appropriate listings than ever before. To maximise results, advertising must be clear, concise and written to optimise search engine views. It must be loaded to the internet promptly and it must be responded to even more promptly. That's what we do.


We select the best tenant for you

The secret to property investment success is not just filling a tenancy …it's finding the right tenant. A strong rental history, secure employment, credit and rental references and a good rating on the National Tenancy Database are just the start. The key to making the perfect match lies in establishing the strength of a potential tenants' connection to the property and area. That can only be established by taking the time for relaxed face-to-face interactions …and using decades of experience to formulate a judgement.

We manage executive and corporate leasing for you

Furnished or unfurnished, substantial family home or carefree apartment, high-end or low-fuss, if your home meets the criteria, corporate leasing can be a rewarding option. Such arrangements are rarely publicised; most come about through trusted relationships with relocation services and the companies themselves. We specialise in building that trust and developing those relationships to benefit our clients.


We renegotiate your leases

We follow industry best practice to notify, explore options and renegotiate leases at least three month ahead of expiration. At this time, we work closely with both landlords and their tenants to clearly establish needs and expectations and bring them together for the most rewarding outcome.


We prepare all your documentation

The seemingly endless paperwork required to establish a new tenancy is daunting even for experienced landlords. Keeping abreast of changes, ensuring correct application and achieving deadlines requires an expert touch. We routinely prepare and customise REIV-approved lease documentation and compile a detailed pre-tenancy Condition Report. We advise tenants on their rights and responsibilities and provide a copy of the Department of Consumer Affairs rental booklet plus an information pack specific to the property. We collect the bond and complete the Bond Lodgement as required by the residential Tenancies Bond Authority. We'll even liaise with the local water authority as needed to ensure correct billing.

We collect your rent, issue statements, collect on arrears

Ensuring a seamless and regular flow of rental is one of our first priorities. Unless otherwise negotiated, rental is collected and paid monthly to landlords by EFT. Statements are issued monthly, with an annual financial year statement also. We keep a vigilant eye on the timing of rental payments, and our systems flag arrears almost immediately - allowing us to actively address the issue. We find resolution by working closely and confidently with tenants to establish causes, engineer swift redress, and reduce the possibility of conflict. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is the final step …and one which we rarely, if ever, need to take.


We represent you at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

VCAT is the line of last resort, taken only when issues become challenges, and challenges become problems. At Keller Property Management, issues rarely escalate, challenges are easy to mediate, and a visit to VCAT almost never eventuates. We almost always achieve the desired outcome before an issue heads to Tribunal, however, if an appearance is required, our assertive and expert approach guides the outcome.


We inspect your property during the tenancy

A rigorous schedule of inspections is set, carried out, documented and reported on. Unlike many larger agencies, who outsource this process, Keller Property Management conducts every single inspection. This means we gets to know all the properties under our management, we intuitively notice changes and defects, and we work pro-actively to ensure immediate maintenance or reparation.

We oversee your repairs and maintenance

Understanding the needs and expectations of landlords and tenants is at the heart of a successful maintenance schedule. Some landlords want to be notified in every instance, others prefer not to be bothered. Keller Property Management establishes these terms with every client and customised an approach to them. While certain urgent repairs (to the value of $1800) must be conducted immediately under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, the more typical approach is to notify, discuss and guide trusted tradespeople to maintain the property to the mutually understood standard.


We manage your insurance

Landlords are recommended to protect their properties with insurance designed to cover the premises, fixtures and fittings, and public liability. Depending on the property, landlord insurance (to protect against loss of rent and tenant damage) may also be relevant. We welcome the opportunity to advise on insurance needs and can recommend a network of brokers and specialists providing the best and most cost-effective products.

We manage your ongoing expenses

Budgeting, accounting and maximising tax advantages is easy with the right systems in place. Every month Keller Property Management rental management system can organise for the direct, accountable and fully documented payment of Council and water rates, Body Corporate levies, insurance premiums and more. The result is not just an easier life …it's also greater peace-of-mind.


We protect your property as tenants vacate

In even the best managed properties there comes a time when tenants move on. Keller Property Management makes that process seamless and carefree by clearly outlining expectations with regard to the cleanliness, condition and access to the property. We will recommend trusted cleaners, co-ordinate the presentation and manage the timing to ensure a positive impression for prospective tenants. We inspect diligently and fairly to ensure the property is left in the best appropriate condition, before ensuring the bond is returned to the tenant in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.