If you're considering renting a property through Keller Property Management you're one of the lucky ones. Your prospective landlord has chosen an expert, engaged and experienced property manager whose first priority is to provide a better experience for landlords and tenants alike.


With Keller Property Management managing your tenancy, you will have a consistent point of contact who will take time to get to know you and the property you are renting.


Our tenant selection process is diligent and fair. In the belief that a happy tenant is a good tenant, our first and foremost priority is to achieve the perfect match between people and property.


Our second priority is to provide pro-active maintenance and management so that your landlord can enjoy the rewards of investment …and you can enjoy your home.

To apply to rent through Keller Property management 

Please read the following carefully to apply for a rental property.

01: Download the Tenancy Application PDF form. CLICK HERE
02: Fill out your information
03: Make sure the form is signed
04: Send the form to us.

Email: zehra@kellerproperty.com.au
Deliver: P.O. Box 85, Highett Victoria 3190

Alternatively, you may lodge your application online using 1form via



Rental application download